On March 3rd – and throughout the week – Willoughby School children marked World Book Day by dressing up and taking part in a lots of fun activities!

Of course, everyone – including the teachers – loved the opportunity to dress up as their favourite book character!

The Juniors got creative by designing book covers and blurbs for their own books, and writing descriptions of their favourite characters for the class to identify.

All the children enjoyed a Where’s Wally-themed game, a book quiz and a chance to watch Charlie and The Chocolate Factory at the end of the week!

We also arranged a book swap so the children could pass on a book they had enjoyed and swap it for one brought in by a classmate.

It was a really successful and fun day, which encouraged the children to read and to share their favourite books, characters and storylines!

Can you guess who everyone is?

Let’s start with the teachers…