On Monday 24th of June, the Yr5 and 6s went to place called Warning Zone to learn about safety and e-safety.

We had to go to different rooms to learn about different dangers and in my group, we learnt about arson. We learnt that arson can be very dangerous and can burn places like playgrounds parks and buildings. We also learnt about road safety and how we should always look and listen before crossing the road.

Then, we learnt that we should never touch electric stations because they carry thousands of volts and only one hundred can kill you. Next, we went to a building site and learnt how we should never retrieve toys, books or whatever we have accidently dropped in a building site.

After a whole morning learning about safety and drugs, we had lunch and got ready to learn about e-safety. We went into a room that looked like a carnival. It had stations that looked like games you would find at a carnival. We learnt about how you should be careful with what you post and how you should never give a random stranger personal information. We learnt about how you should not friend someone you do not know or they might lie to you about their age and appearance (which is called grooming).

After a day learning about safety, we went back to school with a lot of knowledge of safety and e-safety. By Amber