Willoughby School Governors (as at October 2017)

If you wish to discuss anything with the Governing Body, your Parent Governor Representatives will be pleased to hear from you. (Governors term of office in brackets and committees on which their serve.)


Mr A Guilder (Since 1/9/2003 )

Co-Opted Governors (appointed by the Governing Body):

Dr A Bath, Chair of Governors (-11/3/15 – 9/3/19-  Finance & Personnel + Pupils & Strategic Development Committees)

Mrs D Howitt  (-7/10/15 – 6/10/19-  Finance & Personnel Committee)

Dr B Haynes  (-11/3/15 – 9/3/19-  Finance & Personnel + Pupils & Strategic Development Committees)

Mrs C Marlow (-1/2/17 – 31/1/21- Pupils & Strategic Development Committee) (Previously Parent Governor 11/3/13 – 1/2/17)

Parent Governors (appointed by the parents whose children attend the school):

Mr T Bateson, Vice Chair of Governors  (-24/3/16 – 22/3/20- Pupils & Strategic Development Committee)

Mr Owen Devine (-17/5/17 – 16/5/21- Finance & Personnel Committee)

Mr Sander Tiel (-9/10/17 – 8/10/21)

LA Governor (appointed by the Local Authority):

Mrs Gretta Edley (-27/1/16 – 25/1/20 – Pupils & Strategic Development Committee)

Staff Governor (appointed by staff at the school):

Mrs R Marshall (-9/9/14 – 8/9/18-)

Declaration of Business Interests

No Governors have any conflicting business interests or any relatives who are members of staff. Governors are required to declare any interests at the start of all Governor meetings and a Register of Business Interest is updated annually in January.

Recently completed terms of office/Resignations from the Governing Body:

Parent Governor: Mr A Mukherjee  (-5/2/12 – 4/2/16-  Finance & Personnel Committee)

CO-Opted Governor: Mrs E Merriman  (-11/3/15 – 5/10/16-  Finance & Personnel + Pupils & Strategic Development Committees)

Mrs E Wheatcroft (Vice-Chair of Governors) (-1/9/13 – 31/8/17- Pupils & Strategic Development Committee)

Associate Governor: Mr D Callaway (Finance & Personnel Committee) Resigned: May 2017



Key Information

Head Teacher: Beatrice Smith

Chair of Governors: Dr Adrian Bath

Type of School: County Primary Co-Educational Day School for 5-11 years

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Address: Willoughby Primary School, Church Lane, Willoughby on the Wolds, LE126SS

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