We have been sending our children – year 3 upwards – to Young Voices for several years and it has become a highlight of the school calendar for us and the children!

Young Voices put on the largest school choir concerts in the country. This year our children performed with thousands of others at the Motorpoint Arena in Sheffield to a full crowd of parents, family & friends! Below, one of our pupils – Willow – has written about the experience:

Young Voices was probably the best day of my life! When we first arrived at the arena I couldn’t believe how big it was and how many other schools were there. First of all we practised the songs; my favourite song was ‘Five Guys Named Mo’ because it’s a song that kept changing to different subjects like chickens, to a sweet shop and I thought it was a lot of fun to sing. There were some actions which we had to do and they were really fun to learn.
Young Voices Jan 2017 3
 After we had practised a few other songs we had a special visitor – a famous singer called Natalie Williams. We sang the song ‘I’ve Got Life’ with her! 
After rehearsals we had our packed lunches and then we went to sit in our seats for the concert. Slowly parents began to arrive, everyone  was trying to spot their parents. Except for my friend Izzy who had a little sleep! I was very pleased when I spotted my parents, I could tell it was them by their coats. 
Young Voices Jan 2017 4
We were all very surprised by how the conductor was dressed because when he first came to rehearsal with us he was dressed in jeans and a shirt but for the concert he was wearing gleaming white clothes. We all got given little torches to shine and wave during the songs. As well as all the singing, there was a group of human beat boxes – they were amazing, they made a really good noise of a jet pack and a smoothie blender! 
When we got back on the bus, everyone fell asleep; we had all had a fantastic day!