Two lucky pupils from Willoughby School enjoyed a visit to Westminster this month!

Willoughby School is proud to be part of the Rushcliffe Learning Alliance Pupil Parliament (RLAPP) initiative, which allows 2 pupils from each Rushcliffe school the chance to meet termly at County Hall with children from other RLA schools.  Sometimes they have the opportunity to ask questions of invited guests, e.g. local councillors and Olympic athletes.

Our two representatives, pictured below on their trip to London, are able to put forward issues of importance to themselves and their fellow pupils, discuss the opinions of other schools and learn more about how our local government works.

This month, they were given the opportunity to enjoy a visit to London, accompanied by headteacher Alan Guilder. The three Willoughby ambassadors toured the House of Commons and the House of Lords and got a real feel for how our government functions every day.

Alan Guiilder said,

“We really appreciate the opportunity to be part of the RLAPP. Coming from a village environment, it’s important to us that our children understand the wider world and are given practical opportunities to develop their experiences and understanding of democracy.

We all had a wonderful time in London and the children will be sharing their photo presentation with the rest of the school during our celebration assembly!”